Katherine began working in collaboration with Eric Nabity shortly after her graduation from UNL in 1997. She has been a “full-time” author since 1999 when she married Eric and moved to Tempe, AZ. In the past decade, they have grown as writers, moving from the horror genre to working on several science fiction projects.

Her first novel, Lucinda at the Window (finished in 2000) was published in 2009. Her second polished novel, Pas de Chat, is available to read for free at http://entangledcontinua.com/pdc. She’s currently looking for an agent to represent other works.

In April of 2010, Katherine returned to writing solo short works.  Many of these have been posted for #FridayFlash at her long-standing journal and at 52/250.

In addition to writing and attempting to read 30 books a year, Katherine enjoys playing as much ultimate frisbee as she can and is the webmaster of VOTS.org. She also has an unfortunate EverQuest2 habit and many pet peeves.

This “blog” is about all these things.


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